"There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life."

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."

Dalai Lama (via purplebuddhaproject)

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

Dalai Lama (via purplebuddhaproject)

"Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world"

Miyamoto Musashi (via purplebuddhaproject)

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"One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving."

Paulo Coelho (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Why Everyone Should Try Meditation



To understand meditation in a nutshell, go get a camera and take two pictures of the same thing.

For the first, hold your camera as still as possible, and take a picture.

For the second, shake your camera back and forth as fast as you can while you snap the photo.

The difference between…

"Your Universe."

Reading brings You into others Universes

Meditation brings You to Your Universe. 

Take the time to know Yourself


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